Ion Exchange Resins

Persalt has developed a state-of-the-art product line for ion exchange (IX), adsorbent, chelating, and catalyst resins.

PersaLite™, PersaPore™, PersaChel™ & PersaLyze™ gel and macroporous resins are manufactured under the most rigorous quality standards to guarantee the highest performance and durability of the products when in operation.

Persalt supplies uniform particle size ion-exchange resins applicable and certified to treat diverse liquid streams. The resins increase the beds' service cycle, use fewer chemicals for the regeneration step, and reduce operational costs.

PersaLite™ IX Resin series is composed of organic polymers that attract an opposing charge, giving the ion exchange bead the capability to change ions, purifying the feed water stream. The cation exchange resin exchanges with a cation, and the anion exchange resin exchanges an anion. Mixed bed ion exchange resin is a mixture of cation and anion resins exchanging at the same time positive and negative ions.

PersaPore™ Adsorbent Resin series is a macroporous adsorbent polymer. The high molecular polymer uses the adsorption principles to separate organic particles. An example is an adsorbent resin that removes organic molecules from juices and sugars, improving quality and taste.

PersaChel™ Chelating Resin series are special ion exchange resins with various functional groups that increase specific metals' selectivity. Chelating resins are for boron removal from potable water and recovery of precious metals such as gold, palladium, and others.

PersaLyze™ Catalyst Resin series are gel or macroporous styrene-based sulfonic resin. Catalyst resins are for many catalyzes such as acrylic ester, isobutylene etherification, etc.

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