PersaLite™ IXA450 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is Gaussian, gel, strong base anion exchange resin for water demineralization application. Moreover, this resin type has a functional group of quaternary ammonium.

PersaLite™ UPS4500 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a uniform particle size, gel, strong base anion exchange resin. This high-performance anionic resin reduces operational costs with caustic soda used during regeneration cycles while increasing the service cycle times.

PersaLite™ IXA300 Ion Exchange Resin is a polystyrene gel, type 2 SBA, and chloride form. This resin is fluoride selective for water demineralization and drinking water applications.

PersaLite™ IXA500 Ion Exchange Resin is SBA food grade with a particular matrix and quaternary ammonium – type I function group that makes it selective for nitrates. It is for drinking water applications.

PersaLite™ IXA700 Ion Exchange Resin is an SBA food-grade, macroporous type 1 resin. It is useful for organic matter and color removal from the water.

We offer other types of SBA resins. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for specific applications.

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